Julie Waites – The Franchise Company – Trust your gut instincts

No one can make the decision for you.

To give up employment and start your own business takes guts.

There is always a risk attached to the decision.

You can eliminate some of the perceived risk by doing your due diligence, researching the market, speaking with your family and peers, but no one will ever make it risk free for you.

You have to make a decision and trusting your gut instincts is probably one of the best strategies you can take. We talk about this with franchising expert Julie Waites, who for over 30 years has worked within the franchising world helping business owners to grow and expand their businesses.

We also speak about:
– Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs
– Who to take business advice from
– The most surprising business that Julie has helped to franchise
– The cost of franchising a business
– Where to find advice on franchising
– What to look for in a good Franchisor

You can find Julie on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliewaites/ and The Franchise Company here – https://www.franchisecompany.co.uk/

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