Franchise Voicebox – Episode 4 – Vietnam – Timeless Charm – VF Franchise Consulting

Franchise Voicebox – Episode 4 – Vietnam – Timeless Charm – VF Franchise Consulting

Franchise Voicebox is a series of short 5- 10 minute videos covering franchising topics in Asia that inform and educate investors, franchisees, and franchisors. Franchise topics include, though not limited to, franchise market and consumer research, franchising trends in Asia, franchise education and knowledge, latest franchising and economic news and more.

This week we cover Vietnam – Timeless Charm. In addition to being the latest Southeast Asian Tiger, Vietnam’s GDP grow rate has been consistently the highest among the top 7 economies in Southeast Asia and has been averaging approximately 10% annually. This robust economic growth and a population of 105 million people equates to significant consumer spending for many years to come.

While Vietnam’s franchising industry is not as large as some of its neighbors, that will likely change due to its fast growth and large population. Let’s listen in to learn what makes this Charming country such an attractive franchising market for franchisees and franchisors!

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